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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dayak to be kept poor for ease of control

One of the most effective way to hold power is using divide-and-rule tactics such as being employed wholeheartedly by Yang Dikasihi over the Dayaks here in Sarawak. Exactly the same tactics deployed by the early White Rajahs to control Sarawak in vast area while keep limiting the area of original Brunei sultanate into the present size till today. Yang Dikasihi merely perfecting those tactics now even to the point of Dayaks basically being politically castrated. When my arguements appeared at Dayak Baru scores of Yang Dikasihi goons apparent anger is understandable but expected. Truth hurts don’t they? The following are my arguements:

Dayak to be kept poor for ease of control: That’s how the ignorant, ill-informed and brain-dead Dayaks will keep BN relevant.

These groups of Dayaks, mostly rural dwellers, constitute 80% of all Dayaks statewide. The reason why state Dayak BN MPs, ADUNs are getting their votes got nothing to do with so-called fantasy politic of development but it just that BN bonking, humping on Dayaks’ sheer ignorance, being ill-informed and being brain-dead stupid of how phony and dopey BN actually for all these 50 years to them and basically just make this to happen: kept these Dayaks poor for ease of control.

The word ‘poor’ meanwhile is multi-dimensional. For Dayak YBs, they first and foremost must in control of all projects as much as possible, greed and self-interest it is. For Dayak civil servants, they rest assured with their livelihood, pensions, easy access for government loans, as long they are staunch ball-carriers for life. The longhouse headmen will be very much happy to accept few fake Martells and will sing like canary to all his minions and goons to just vote BN. And yes, the meager RM10 per vote will do for each Dayak voters. That is how much BN willfully spend by hook or by crook, to keep the Dayaks poor and keep begging for more since their source of cold hard cash is from BN. Democracy after all, has always been ruled by mischief through the highest bidder, a capitalist version of socialism.

Laissez faire, the French arse might say, is the basis of both democracy and capitalism. Majority voices formed the bulk of force that gives authority to the highest bidder which means intelligence conscience does not play any role since stupidity after all equates greed and that is the gravest flaw of democracy. It doesn’t regard how genuine the votes are and BN merely amplified the democracy’s boondoggles: vote buying, phantom voters, postal voters, any dubious means possible as stupidity deemed easily affordable sunk cost for BN. No shit but stupidity is a great commodity for BN.

These Dayaks, being poor and helpless is the product of their own backwardness and systematic delaying tactics deployed by govt. Take roads for instance. To comprehensively connect all rural Dayak areas statewide by roads by crossing rivers and cutting through hills and mountains will require Bank Negara to bust. Maybe RM500 billion cost? But no, BN for heaven sake will not spend that for some jungle-lurking animist lunatics. For what? To make them enjoy basic modernity and finally make them realise how stupid for them to vote BN? Ignorance make Dayaks being smokescreen by BN, always hoping for the best that BN will serve them as caring government. Waiting and delaying yet keep voting to get almost nothing. Plain stupid isn’t it?

Maybe some will question the rationality of the percentage of these Dayaks derived. But none of you question the rationality of why BN YBs are still getting votes despite delaying the heavens they have promised. 80% is a good number, as long as the Dayak BN YBs’ concentration of majority voters are from these Dayaks they will continue to win despite all the lies, delaying the heavens they’ ve promised.

Ok, being ill-informed basically an obligatory result from these delaying tactics by BN. Bundled with limited news exposure (no TVs, newspapers and sorry, durian is no Blackberry to get online) to let them duly informed how phony BN actually are. Palm oil is paraded as the greatest fruit ever to grace their life from poverty. As much as corn being mandated by US congressmen as the patriotic weed for Mid-West American farmers so as to tell the Arab sheikhs that mandating corn biofuels production anytime outlast their oil gone for good, only to make more people hungry worldwide resulting riots in places like Haiti so bad even zombies facing food shortages for voodoo rituals.Being ill-informed of how speculative, volatile palm oil prices in nature yet these Dayaks are being duped into the Swisscash-Walton combined equivalent scheme. You will not see much money and your NCR lands either. So how does that Martel taste huh? Fake, good spirits like Sahip or Benson, no?

Being unable to identify fake Martel to a Benson liquor brand summed up the intelligence level of these Dayaks. Almost self-explanatory. When you are poor, you tend to beg for mercy and derail your logic judgment therefore leading you into the brink of ignorance and close-mindedness. Enter the total abyss of sanity, blackholed into the state of brain-dead. Dayaks can only obey BN in the end, after being kept poor for ease of control.

How the Sarawak opposition can at least subdue these Dayaks:

- use same monotonous colour on their logos (dark blue and white), as close to BN logo. Remember that Martel-Benson differential tips? Right.

- urge the Dayaks to keep BN money and vote for them instead. You can only ask for more!

- project palm oil as ridiculously dopey as durian: highly seasoned in price, useless in abundance and outright NCR land daylight burglary.

- slogan: “Your vote reflects your stupidity” kind of themes. “Nobody can cheat you if you’re not stupid”or “Palm oil is donkey’s favourite kuih jala” is ok also.

- instead of writing “X” of voting paper, ask the Dayaks use “tick sign” instead. It’s a sign of approval while “X” is a sign of hatred so they always write “tick sign” on BN vote. Spoilt votes you might say but hey, they can’t tell Martell from Benson right?

Being ignorant, ill-informed, brain-dead stupid is definitely a big advantage for BN, not for Dayaks. BN has been using and abusing Dayaks’ low-intelligence to their gains that now for opposition to do is doing some of it but in more opposingly chaotic, effectively timely, efficient manners. Jokes aside, which party being relevant is highly dependent on how well you can keep Dayak voters’ intelligence at low level, thus making them poor enough to gain control on them.

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